Migrate data from your SOAS account to your Alumnus account

Setting up Mail Fetcher

What is Mail Fetcher?

Google's Mail Fetcher allows you to pull all messages into your Gmail account from any other account that supports the POP3 protocol.
Basically you point the Mail Fetcher at the other mail server and give it your credentials for that account and it goes out and collects all the messages in that mailbox.
Note: If your mail was organised in folders/labels these will not be preserved. All the messages are brought directly into your INBOX and you must re-label them if needed.

First things first

All the actions you will perform on both the old and the new account will be done inside Settings

Fig. 1

From the cog wheel menu you find Settings

Step 1: Click on the cog wheel and then choose Settings

Enabling access to your old account

First of all you need to ensure your old soas.ac.uk account has POP enabled so that the Mail Fetcher can get to it.
So login to your soas.ac.uk account and go to Settings.

Fig 2

Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP heading

Fig 2: Click on Forwarding

Fig 3

Click to enable POP access

Fig 3: Enable POP

Now let's get the mail!

Now that access is enabled you want to go to your new account and tell Mail Fetcher to go fetch.
So login to your alumni.soas.ac.uk account and go to Settings.

Fig. 4

Click on the Accounts heading.

Fig 4: Click on Accounts

Fig. 5

Choose to add an Email account

Step 5: Add an Email Account

Fig. 6

Enter your soas.ac.uk address

Step 6: Enter your soas.ac.uk address

Fig. 7

Enter your soas.ac.uk credentials and also the server details as shown here
Note: the server name must be pop.gmail.com
You may need to click the drop down arrow and choose 'Other' so you can enter this.

Step 7: Enter the server details and your soas.ac.uk credentials

Fig. 8

You're done!
Note: Don't choose to send from soas.ac.uk because once you enable the alumni.soas.ac.uk account the soas.ac.uk account won't be able to receive replies.

Step 8: You're done.

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