Selecting labels for your Takeout archive


If you have organised your mail using labels and wish to preserve them in your Google Takeout archive you must explicitly select them before you click to create the archive.

Go to the Takeout site -

Here you can choose the Google data you want to include in your archive.

Scroll down to the Mail section

Takeout Mail section

The default setting is to export All Mail but this will not preserve your labels.

Click on the downward arrow to expand for the choice to Select Labels

Mail section expanded for choice

Choosing Select Labels will open a window where you can choose which labels you want to add to your archive

Once you've made your selection click Done

Selecting your labels

Now you are returned to the Mail section showing your labels selected

You can proceed with creating the archive now

Ready to create archive

This page provides instructions for selcting which labels to add to your Takeout archive.

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